Sending regular text messages is a thing of the past. Kotak is the new app that changes the game for messaging your friends by being able to send a virtual slap, punch, or fart. All animated 3D characters are accompanied by sound so it feels even more real when shared with friends. What better way to let your friends know you are thinking of them then with a slap! k-o-t-a-k-app-for-iphone__1452664125

The Kotak app is simple and quirky allowing for users to have fun with their phones and friends. A unique feature about this top app (except for how it made slaps go virtual) is the messenger aspect. This allows for users to attach messages to the slaps and punches they are sending out. The possibilities are endless of what can be said to go along with a slap. The graphics of the animations are clear and guaranteed to give a laugh. The large moving pictures fill up the screen and are more satisfying when it comes to expressing emotion through your cellphone.

You need to download and see for yourself just how fun and addictive this app can be. Signing up is easy and takes less than a minute after downloading. From there you can send slaps to your friends and invite even more friends to join in on the fun. Kotak is also compatible to have your slap reach those who do not have the app through text, email, and Whatsapp.

Kotak is now available for $0.99 in the App Store. Check out their website at for more information and let me know what you think of the app below!

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