Everyone always needs a little bit of entertainment in their lives today. Have you ever wondered what it icon 8would be like to have a magic trick that forever keeps you baffled as to how exactly it happened? Now everyone can experience the excitement of a stellar magic trick with iSleight developed by Lightfall, LLC. You should also check out the demo video that was BBC News complete review.

I was always led to believe that in order to perform magic tricks and become a magician you had to have some kind of in depth training in advance. I was immediately proven wrong with iSleight because it was so simple, yet so deceiving. Literally anyone could have done it and once I witnessed the trick I immediately did it to a friend standing next to me and afterwards he was just as baffled as I was on the second round! At least now that we have this new app there would be no need for expensive outings and highly trained musicians.

Moving around and always going in and out of meetings puts a lot of stress on my colleagues and myself. With iSleight I can whip out the iPhone at any point in time and tell someone to play the game and immediately lift there sprit and mood in the room. The app has excellent graphics and soon they will have different color card decks to choose from!

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Come trick your friends with iSleight today, now available on the Apple App Store for USD $4.99.