iPhone Tip

iphone-tip-to-help-you-sleep-betterDo you ever feel like it is tough to answer all your calls? Do you receive texts or calls that wake you while you are sleeping? Or notifications from new apps at absurd times? One way to get better sleep beauty sleep is using the do not disturb button on your iPhone. A better way to sleep through the night, is using Apple’s  do not disturb feature. 65% of people actually leave their phones by the bed:

“According to a Swedish study that linked heavy cell phone use to sleeping problems, stress and depression”


In the settings menu you can easily access the Do Not Disturb tab easily by clicking and swiping manual. This is the easy way to keep up on sleep and completely ignore your phone for a bit.

“Enjoy your beauty sleep. Your alarm will still ring”

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What if you want a certain amount of time?

Solution set it to a scheduled time, lets say maybe 10 pm to 7 am. At 7 am the phone automatically comes off Do Not Disturb. This is an iPhone Tip to help you sleep better and longer without the distraction of your phone.