Have you ever found someone’s lost iPhone or iPad? Assuming that you are a good person, you probably made some type of effort to find the owner, such as bringing it to a lost and found. The owner is probably desperate to find it,and may even put up posters around town (on top of missing dog posters) saying that they lost their mobile device and will give a reward. After being stuck on a level of Candy Crush for two weeks, all they want to do is give up and check out the new game apps.


Being a good person is actually easier than one may think, thanks to Siri! Instead of searching and snooping through the person’s contact list to figure out who to call to return the phone, simply start a conversation with Siri. Siri will tell you who the owner is and give you his or her contact information.


Siri will reveal this precious information even if the passcode is on. However, you have to be wary of how you phrase your questions to Siri. For example, do not say, “Who’s iPhone is this?” Siri will avoid answering and will tell you to go on the Apple website. To stay on Siri’s good side, you should instead ask something along the lines of, “Who owns this iPhone?” So next time you find an iPhone or iPad, returning it to the owner will be much easier!