Lately, I have been really trying to make changes to my diet and started working out at least three times a week. The problem with this however, is that I was having trouble keeping up with my workout stats. icon 8Anyone who enjoys seeing progress with their physical fitness can attest to the fact that if you forget what you did during your last workout you are drastically behind the eight ball. I stumbled across this new app FitTime Stats developed by Martino Ventures, LLC and completely resolved this problem. Check out the demo video to see what I am really talking about!

Not only does FitTime Stats help you with organization of your workouts but it also helps you to stay in really good shape in a very short amount of time. By suggesting short intensive workouts once every day that really builds muscle and cuts the fat right off your body! This keeps you metabolism running fast and thus, you start to work yourself into excellent shape! It’s the complete workout package in the palm of your hands!

This tool is especially useful to me when I am working five days a week with my full time job in Boston, MA. It helps me to keep things organized when I cannot really spend a lot of time writing down and planning my workouts and by doing them quickly I do not take that much time away from my daily schedule at work! Perfect!

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Come try working out with this innovative new workout app FitTIme Stats for free on Google Play and let us know your thoughts!