Solidarity App

In today’s world, it’s so easy to “support” a cause by simply posting a Facebook status about the issue at hand. This method has seemed to replace more traditional methods of donating directly to causes. Many people will say that it’s a hassle to donate or they don’t have the money to do so, but these excuses are no longer acceptable with the inception of Solidarity App. Solidarity App is a philanthropic platform that lets you donate money to specific causes without actually spending your own dough, and it’s now available for free in the App Store and Google Play Store!

If you think this app sounds too good to be true, let me break it down for you. This innovative app allows you to play new games, and with each new game you play, a small sum will be donated to the charity of your choice. Solidarity App generates funds for refugees, environmental organizations, and other social impact initiatives with one goal in mind: to make the world a better place. By downloading this revolutionary app, you will accelerate positive social change.

So how does this whole “donations free of cost” thing work? Solidarity App has adopted a crowdfunding paradigm, which means that you don’t actually have to pay for your own donations. The app has raised the money to cover the costs for you, and while they only donate a small amount of money each time you play a game, it all adds up to a considerable sum when looking at the number of people currently using Solidarity App.

This progressive app is truly impressive, though there is one slight drawback. While the app is partnered with a good amount of nonprofits, there could be a more expansive list. Most of the charities that you are able to donate to help the environment or people in third world countries, but it would be nice to see added charities that help out causes closer to home. Solidarity App is already working to solve this issue though, as future updates will include charities such as the Ronald McDonald Foundation. I’m sure that as the app progresses, more charities will partner up with it to accept donations.

If you’re looking to change the world (and have fun at the same time), download Solidarity App today from the App Store or Google Play Store. Let us know what you think and which charity you are donating to!