Remember when you wanted that studded military jacket that the girl on the subway was wearing? How about those black trimmed dress pants your co-worker was styling? Look no further, the new lifestyle app, Craves is here to help. Simply snap a picture of something fashionable that you want, and Crave’s fashion directory will show you where to buy it!

It’s really as simple as it sounds. Craves is designed to be your designated directory to where you can find similar fashionable clothing in stores and online. Along with features to share your craved fashion, you can also follow and like your friends’ profile ideas to see what they are interested in. The new iPhone app directs you to various choices similar to the one you upload- along with providing the brand and price as well.

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The best feature about this app isn’t that you can find clothes that you want effortlessly, but instead, the app tells you what clothes you crave are on sale! I am all about finding clothes I want, and for a good price too. The navigation is easy to understand, and the directory is filled with endless discoveries. Plus, I can check out what my friends want and it gives me good ideas as to what to get them for a present. I definitely recommend this app to anyone who is searching for that perfect something to wear or just wants to expand their styling horizons.

Craves is available in the iOS App Store on July 14. You’re too excited and can’t wait? Beta test it on PreApps today and let me know what you think of it!