Have you ever played a gaming app and thought to yourself, “Wow, I’m really good! I must be among the best players in the world.” While this is a rare feeling for me, as I am incapable of mastering most games, I’m sure plenty of you have felt this way before. Now, with TAP and SMASH, you will actually be able to prove that you are a true world champion. This exciting gaming app is now available for free in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

TAP and SMASH is an addictive game, drawing in thousands of new users daily. It offers gamers the unique ability to put their skills to the test against some of the reigning world leaders. This special multiplayer mode allows you to work your way up the international leaderboard, solidifying your rank as one of the top players in all the land. In addition to taking on the best players in the world, you are also able to challenge your friends to beat your high score. Engage in heated matches with your pals to gain bragging rights.

On top of these incredible features, TAP and SMASH also boasts an innovative random level generator. By having levels randomly generated, you never know how challenging your next task will be! This ensures a one of a kind gaming experience each time you open the app. This game is simple, yet difficult to master. With the tap of your finger you are able to collect coins and swap them in for powerful upgrades that will skyrocket you to victory. The colorful HD graphics and vibrant sound effects really immerse you into the gameplay, making this game easy to start, but near impossible to put down.

TAP and SMASH is truly an impressive app, rightfully earning a 5/5 star review on Google Play. While this app is clearly fantastic, I do wish that there were more opportunities for in-app purchases. Currently, you can swap the coins you earn for potent powerups. In future updates, I would like to see new powerups and potentially other in-app purchase options. It would be nice to see these updates in the future, but this game is still top notch without them. TAP and SMASH is exciting and fun- just as every good gaming app should be!

Download TAP and SMASH for free today in the iOS App Store or on Google Play. Let us know where you rank in the world leaderboard!