7dayzWhen I first came to Boston, I was absolutely a stranger to the city. I didn’t know where I could have fun, where I could get good food, or where I could go shopping. I really wanted to explore the area, but I didn’t how to get the helpful information. Now, a new app called 7dayz can help you avoid the same problem by getting you help from your neighbors and other local people.

7dayz is a real time location based network on visual stories. Unlike other photo-sharing social networks, with 7dayz you can discover stories not only from your friends and people you followed, but also from people in nearby places. Just toggle to “NOW” to check the real time stories! Interested in the exciting moments happened in other places? You can also get these amazing visual stories from viewing the global trending and daily top global stories pages from the last 7 days.

7dayz1       7dayz5     7dayz6

7dayz provides us with a great editing tool, which is my favorite feature about this app. Just pick your filter and transform your pictures into beautiful memories! If you’re as big of a fan of filters as me, you’ll like this app!

What’s more, you can add various tags to your stories, which help you organize and re-discover your moments easily. Sometimes we just have too many pictures and have a difficult time finding our favorite one. Now with 7dayz, you can access your food, family, or pet pictures in one go! By using the Place tags, you can check all your stories and other real time visual streams happening in the same place!

7 dayz

While you’re travelling, you’ll find 7dayz even more helpful. It can help you organize your journeys more effectively by helping you discover the exciting events happening around you!

7dayz is now available for iOS beta testing. Register to become the first one of your friends to try this cool app. Discover the most interesting visual story around you real time or from the past 7 days. Start to develop your location based social network now!