Whether you are trying to get back in shape or you already go running on a daily basis, these health and fitness apps are here to help you with your running! Comment below and let me know which one of these top free running apps you want to try first!

1. Nike+ Running


Developer: Nike, Inc.

Run farther and faster than before. Train for your first race or try to beat a personal record. With Nike+ Running, you can stay on track for reaching your goals, whether you are running on a treadmill, in the street, or up a mountain. Be race ready by following a detailed training program, which features daily workouts and expert coaches.

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2. Runkeeper


Developer: FitnessKeeper, Inc.

Devices: Android and iOS

Runkeeper tracks your pace, workout distance, and charts weight loss. Using Runkeeper is a simple way to improve your fitness. Set fitness goals, track your progress, and compete against your friends on leaderboards. You can follow pre-planned routes and workouts, or create your own with audio coaching. If you are an advanced runner, you can get coached by renown coaches as you train for a 10K, half marathon, or full marathon!

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google-play 3. Runtastic Running & Fitness

unnamed-1Developer: Runtastic

Runtastic Running & Fitness takes you to the next level. Users of all fitness levels are welcome to join the global fitness community, which has millions or registered users who are all motivated to improve their health and cardio endurance. Keep a personal workout diary that tracks calories burned, elevation changes, duration, and more. View detailed live mapping of your workouts and watch your workout in 3D using the Runtastic Earth View feature!

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4. Map My Run

unnamed-2Developer: MapMyFitness, Inc.

Log over 600 different types of workouts, including running, yoga, cycling, walking, and more. Use the Activity Feed to share your progress and see how your friends are doing. I know that I personally love some good competition, and Map My Run definitely encourages a little friendly competition to help improve your skills! You can join Challenges, climb the leaderboards, and even win prizes!

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5. My Tracks

unnamed-3Developer: Google

Ever go running down a new road and later wonder where you were and how far you went? With Google’s My Tracks you can easily record your path, distance, speed, and elevation while you do any outdoor activity. Sync and share your tracks with friends via Google Drive. This is a high quality running app, and it’s no wonder that it has over 10 million downloads!

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Did you see any of these top free running apps that you like? Or do you have a different app that you use when you go running? Let me know! I really like the layout of Map My Run, so I think I’m going to try out that one first.