Move over, Tinder. 2Truths is a new lifestyle app that eliminates the biggest obstacle of online dating: lots of matches with no conversation. It breaks the ice for you. It leads you and your love interest into a conversation from the get-go, so that when the match is made, you already have a basis for connection—or whatever it is you want from each other.

It operates almost exactly like Tinder. Check out profiles, then swipe to like or pass. Everything you do is anonymous until you find a mutual match. But the differentiating factor is based on the classic icebreaker game Two Truths and a Lie, where the player must guess the lie out of three statements that the other player says about him or herself. Take a peep at someone’s profile and try to guess correctly. That way, the first encounter you have with anyone requires creativity, communication, and some fun guesswork. If you like them and they like you back, voila! It’s a match! And look at that, you already have something to talk about.

2truths-and-a-lie-app-for-iphone__1427759540                2truths-and-a-lie-app-for-iphone__1427759570

It’s a step, albeit a small one, towards meaningful connection in the context of online dating, which can be cold, calculating, and superficial. Even with all its admirable qualities, 2Truths won’t be of much help if you’re not willing to reach out to your matches, even after having done the icebreaker. With luck and the right effort, you’ll meet your very own 2Truths bae—someone with the most interesting truths, or the most hilarious lie.

2Truths will be released for the iOS App Store on April 14th, 2015. Fingers crossed.