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Personalized Custom Social Notification App

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Personalized custom social notification app. Thousands of questions on private personal page for users to answer to strengthen app effectiveness to send and receive notifications created by users. To be helpful for eliminating browsing time and searching different websites. A system that functions on automated connections. With an infinite ability to create notifications and hundreds of options to filter and prioritize incoming notifications. To mention a few examples, users could create and receive notification for gun shootings within 1 mile gps radius. If someone is in the radius and has notified, everyone with notification to receive will get special vibrate or ring tone. Another example is a private relay notification that goes out to one person at a time with a set time limit until accepted or deleted. The personal page questions can be a smart way to receive personalized notifications. Everything that can be used with this tool is too vast to describe. Take a moment to think optimistically how you and millions of others could take advantage of this app. Personally this app is everything Twitter is lacking. One person tweets, who cares. this app is the connection for who cares and they are notified automatically. Instead of going to hundreds of different websites to search for real estate, used items, transportation, news, opinions, personals, basically every category in life that concerns searching and more. To generate income, there can be paid advertised notifications one per user a day. A very effective way for businesses to reach specific consumers at specific times. Also, when two or more people agree to meet in person, when gps matches same location, users will have the option to rate experience. This will keep reputation and order among users.If you are interested in joining me in the building of this app please let me know. I have this information on more than a dozen websites.

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