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E-Restaurant system for small business

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I want to present you a project of business application for gastronomy. History: I'm new to Android and do not have experience in real business projects, but I'm evident that my idea has a place in real world. I've worked for a few summers as a Barman and a person, who takes orders in restaurants and small home-cuisine cafees.I have mentioned the very old and inefficient cash registers and an old-school approach of many owners to products counting at the end of the day.I and my friends who were very observant people make a good money with a minimum risk just not registring products in register. This trend can be seen even in a bigger places with more amount of cash per a day! And all of this things have occurred not in the "3rd party" countries, but in eastern part of EU. Why this things occurs, why owners have difficulties with cash registers? It is very simple answer. Just look through on the prices of good, well-equipped restaurant systems. Moreover, it is really redundant for small and medium-size places, which relies on sellers and Barman's. Just look: Registers, computers, web-pages, cameras, and a lot of other redundant staff which is impossibly expensive for small business. My Idea: My idea is simple. The owner will just need at least 3 android devices (about 300$ - the price of a simple average register) and an app, that can be produced by us. Application will launch together: the customer, the seller and the kitchen from one side and an owner/inspector from another side. Basic App Requirements: -storing and editing data about products, their amount available, about the cash operations, update quantity. -merging accessibility layers of application: owner, seller -updating reall-time activity or even another app for kitchen (receiving and collecting data) I have a very simple implementation of app without remoute database (local) and all of this will be rewrited from scratch.Join for more info

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