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Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

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Method similar to the pokemon go app, only the pokemon are zombies which will attack you if they detect you. You get points for however many days you survive. The pokestops are to be used also, as you will be given the option to run from the undead, or fight them with what you have aquired throughout the game. If you get bit and are turning into a zombie, you have the option to kill yourself within 30 seconds of the bite (phone will vibrate) If you kill yourself, you start over. If you decide accept fate and become a zombie, then you can infect others by getting close enough to them and attacking (with the phone ofcourse). If you get killed as a zombie, then the same thing happens as if you killed yourself, game starts over. People who have turned into zombies can group together and organise attacks, likewise people who are still alive can form an alliance ... safety in numbers and all that! When group are together (attacking or defending) they have to be within a certain distance of each other to offically be a group! All though, the group wont dispand when people need to go home. If one person in the group is killed, the rest of the group will be told via message on the app showing there location and whether they died or became a zombie. ... Pretty much the idea in a nutshell there.

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