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Yela Transport rideshare

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Subscription based on demand or schedule app for any vehicle. Uber for any vehicle with own rates to allow you to follow state or country laws. This one app out 4 apps we plan to make. This app allows for any vehicle to be used to make money as long as your reviews stay within 2.5 ..out of 5 , which will be numbered and subjective. Limiting providers with peer reviews , if u do great and have nice vehicle charge more. Ride sharing application allows you to set your own rates. Get paid directly to your own PayPal,venmo,stripe or cash accounts, Submit all documents , insurance, registration, sex offender, police check by yourself, to be check marked on the app as uploaded. Flat fee weekly ,monthly ,yearly. Purchase your own rideshare insurance, weekly, monthly, yearly This gives you full control of how much you work and when you want to. Most Ride-sharing companies charge flat fees per ride encouraging you to work more. The others charge you percentages on your rides. They limit the kind of vehicles and age of vehicles if kept in decent condition, by all means, i don't mind a ride share in a 1970 Buffari? We are planing to make 4 apps all together one by one

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