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it's about forgetting queue.this application will replace the hu

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hello thanks for reading my message .when someone wants to visit a famous restaurant, a famous shop or a mall who is about to open for the first time, a show for a famous singer. all this places i think they took a long queue , i can see people who waits for a 16-20 hours just to buy a new phone or a ticket or waiting the opening of a shop or discounts ... so all you have to do is to open the application, he take the picture of he's place in the queue ( if no one is taking that place ) and every one who uses this app will see a red sign with he's number pursuant to the queue, he puts the place he wants to go with any means of transport if he is going by walking he have to show he's age ( there is a difference between an old person steps and a young person steps ) but if he is going by a car this application will see if there is a heavy traffic and will put the right time to go and to back. for example your role in the queue takes 30 mn the place you want to go take 5mn and 5mn to go back so you have 20 mn so this application will warn you when the 20 mn end and you have to go back .

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