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Amaze - a sufism inspired journey

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what is Amaze? The concept/idea of amaze is a really simple straight forward maze/ laybrinth solver for mobile. The reason our maze game will be different from the hundeds of maze solving game available is our game play or the experience is driven by a concept or a story . Concept/Story The concept or story of Amaze is inspired by alot of ideas from sufism i.e The ideas of destiny and free will self realization knowing ones self letting go After a lot of research i found one common thing all disciplines religions etc that maze or laybrinth is always used as a metaphor for Life. the simple plot of the game that runs through out the game is following Once there was a singular being in an alternate realm all the energy in that realm flows towards it and be one with it everything that flows in that realm.One day the being created two creatures out of its own light and creates labyrinth and mazes and gave them free will to roam around those labyrinths or mazes as they please but also placed some hints if they could find each other or their creator. Each being is given a flaming head which gives them ability to use it when they require and find their way in the dark if they are lost . The beings as close as they get to each other their flame gets bigger until they solve all the puzzles and when they finally meet they become one as they become one everything around them turns into lights and starts moving in a direction the being follow the light trails and after a while reach in front of a 3 big veils and behind each veil is another maze and to solve all those 3 mazes the beings need to let go of their flames and after they let go of their flames they could enter into maze and after solving all three of the mazes . all the veils in front of them disappear and sudden burst of light appears all over and everything turns white and then slowly fades to darkness with one single orb of light glowing .

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