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Where do the locals eat? Local Eats

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My dad had a rather unique way of finding a good restaurant. He would often say to me that if, for example, it was Chinese food you were after, then follow a local Chinese person around and see where he or she eats! He figured that the best way to tell if a Chinese restaurant was any good was if Chinese people ate in it! I remember looking in restaurant windows trying to see if I could spot a local before we actually went in to order our meals. Seemed like a silly idea back then, but it does make sense doesn’t it? This is where this idea originated. I would like your feedback on developing a review App that has a similar feel to foodspotting (rating a dish rather than the restaurant) but with a social aspect being able to ‘follow’ a local Asian or local Italian expert as an example. The aim is to discover not only where the locals are eating, but what they are eating as well. So if there is a large number of Italians eating lasagne at “Luigi’s Restaurant”, then I know it must be good! You can also ‘follow’ friends whose opinions you value to see what and where they are eating. Users of the App can also rate the reviewers/recommendations made by the ‘local expert’ (like a thumbs up or thumbs down but with a twist). Bookings can be made via the App with the local restaurant and payment can also be made via the App to save time (great for business people who are on strict time restraints at lunch time for example). Of course a menu would need to be listed for that restaurant in order for this to happen. If the booking is for 2 or more people, the App should allow multiple payment options (there is nothing worse than going out with a group of friends and the restaurant not being able to split the bill). Monetization could be done via taking a small percentage of total sales we have sent the restaurant maybe? Let me know what your thoughts and ideas/ any possible problems. Many Thanks

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