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Guide for building muscle mass, faster

Category: Health & Fitness | 
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Most people fail at building muscle because: a)nutrition b)inneficient traning. This app would use the camera of a smartphone to follow 2 reference points; one on the weight and the other one on the shoe. The app would follow your movement and warn you if you are going to fast up or (even more important) down with the weight. Based on reps and sets it could evaluate the efficiency of your workouts. It can be used for dumbell, barbell and even calisthenics workouts. Even better, you would only need to use this app for a week or so, before you get use to the movements. This app should be: easy to use, a basic guide for begginers (number of reps/sets/rest,...) and most importantly it could massively improve muscle gains. Hope you like the idea, hoping for some good feedback.

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  • Samuel Nagode on Jan. 30, 2016

    The app would also have an option of choosing betweenthe the type of results you want; strenght, building muscle, endurance.

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