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Reservation System for Pubs and Restaurants

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I’ve come up with a Reservation System for Pubs and Restaurants that would allow you to see a graphical layout of your favorite establishment. You would see what tables are available at what times and you'd be able to book a specific table for a specific time. You could do it on the web or using a mobile app without needing to call the restaurant. Your booking will be sent through the restaurants app system that links up through our system. The two systems talk to each other letting each other know what table has been chosen and for what time. You can also have the reservation set to any party via text, Facebook message or email. Canceling your Reservation. You will receive a message from the restaurant or pub 15 prior to your arrival if you wish to cancel your reservation. Any party that the email or text was sent to can cancel the reservation at any time, during the 15 minute window. The service allows users to search for restaurants and reservations based on parameters including Times, Dates, Cuisine and Price range. Users can also use the app to take pictures of food drinks and other fun things while at the restaurant all from inside the app. Users who have registered their email address or Phone number with the system will then receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email can be sent to multiple parties. Who uses KOIOP? Restaurants, pubs, bars, and lounges What is KOIOP? A reservation system for pubs, restaurants, bars, and lounges. It's for any establishment that lets you reserve a table. The App would allow you to see a graphical layout of any open or unused table of your favorite establishment. What are the benefits of KOIOP? The app saves you the time of having to wait for a table to be readily available. The App also allows you to select the table of your choice. App Features: you can even book: **Dinner + plus + movie combo Dinner + movie + über The App suggests different/additional options while booking you reservation!

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Comments & Suggestions

  • Jack Foster on Nov. 11, 2015

    great idea, contact me for development, I'd love to do this for you.


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