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Premed Connection- Create, Connect, and Share your journey as a

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Premed Connection is a free application that lets you connect with students, share your journey to medicine, and discover more about the things that matter in a premeds life. See what everyone is talking about in the discussions page, whether it’s homework, the application process, or general questions about the premed journey. Be the first to practice and share your medical school interview questions right from your profile page. Premed Connection provides a platform for everyone; volunteer opportunities, volunteer hours log, interview practice, homework help, chatting with other premeds, or finding someone who is taking the MCAT the same day as you. You’re one click away from giving medical schools another resource to view your profile and build an early application, so what are you waiting for? Join the conversation now, share pictures, study schedules, classes, interview answers, as well as look at medical schools profiles and get every question you need answered directly from the source. Get inspired and be social in the premed community. Don’t forget everyone has a story to tell, and a lesson (or two) to learn from, so why not help each other enter into the world of medicine? Students and Medical Schools will use Premed Connection to: • Connect • Find volunteer opportunities (over 14,000) • Opportunity for early recruitment • Answer interview questions (with video or text) • Homework Help • Volunteer log • Set goals (weekly, Monthly, Semester) • Early application/ resume builder • Answer questions about your school • MCAT date friend finder • Open to study indication • Create your story of how you got into medicine • Rate and Review the most beneficial volunteer opportunities • Ask and Answer questions of a premed

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