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Ive Lost Something

Category: Utilities | 
75 Vote(s)


IveLostSomething IveLostSomething seeks to revolutionise the whole nature of the lost and found industry. Traditionally, if one lost an item their best chances are; to go to the police station, the place in which they lost it or through placing an advert in a shop window in the desperate hope that somebody would find it, and return it. IveLostSomething understands the agony and peril that comes from losing an item and aims to be the one place online within the UK in which people go to whether they have lost, or found something, ranging from a loved pet to an important work document. IveLostSomething recognises that there are already a handful of similar services; www.lostandfound.com, www.ilostifound.com, being the main standouts in this sector. Where IveLostSomething differs is that it recognises a niche within the online classified advertisements and their potential for a more personalised service. As a result, users will have individual profiles that will incorporate factors such as basic contact information and location details (potentially linked in with Google Maps), this will help to expedite the lost and found process as it saves people filling in their details countless times. Additionally, with user profiles it gives opportunities for registered users to contact one another easily and at the click of a button, details will obviously have to be kept private, however, basic location details will allow users in the same area to help one other to spread each others lost/found advert easily in order to increase any likelihood of finding the item. With user profiles, this gives scope for integration with social networking platforms. Which, indisputably, are becoming ever more fundamentally important within business and day-to-day life. As a result, IveLostSomething will have social networking integration at the heart of it. When a user first registers they will have the chance to initially link their profile with social networking sites Twitter and Facebook, with the possibility of expansion into other social networking sites. This will then give users the chance to easily share and publish their adverts with Twitter and Facebook. This will be good for two main reasons; firstly it will make the advert more personal. For example, if an anonymous person states that they have lost an item then there will be little desire for people to return it. However, if the lost item is linked in with a real person (through Facebook and Twitter) it humanises and personalises that lost item. Sadly, it is within human nature to seek reward for ones efforts, linking in with social networking allows much more scope for this praise to happen and therefore will drive more people to return found items to their rightful and deserving owners. Secondly, it allows for an individual to share their advert with their personal Twitter and Facebook account, alerting not only users of IveLostSomething, but also their own personal friends and contacts. Once again helping for as many people as possible to be alerted to that particular individual losing an item. From a business point of view, this will also help to spread word of mouth, as it will indirectly provide free advertisement for IveLostSomething. Additionally, other businesses will have potential to gain reputable and positive feedback. For instance, if a person has lost their phone in a bar, then that bar will then have the chance to publicly return it. Showing them in a positive light to all of that person’s followers or friends. Furthermore, it provides a manufacturing business to gain good support. For example, if somebody posts about losing their Apple iPod then Apple may, if desired to, decide to issue them with a new one, once again gaining reputable and positive support.

Interested Team Members

  • Abdelaziz Dabebi
    App Developer
  • Amr El-Madah
    App Developer
  • Jack Foster
    United States
    App Developer
  • hazem hamadaqa
    App Developer
  • Md Arshad Kazmi
    App Developer
  • Isaías López
    App Developer
  • Matthew Blau
    App Developer
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Comments & Suggestions

  • Anonymous on Apr. 27, 2017

    the problem isn't that the description is long but that it's a frickin huge brick of words. use paragraphs and sections, it makes reading easier and less tiring on the eyes.

  • Anonymous on Aug. 26, 2014

    Very good idea.

  • Anonymous on Jul. 21, 2014

    its called reading you lazy fucks

  • Anonymous on Jun. 26, 2014

    Please make the description short and simple and brief !!

  • Anonymous on Dec. 03, 2013

    too much to read

  • Anonymous on Nov. 16, 2013

    This description is long.

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