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Muslim Hajj and umrah reminder

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An Idea for Muslim Pilgrims When you are doing tawaf/circumambulation of the Kaaba , you have to do exactly 7 rounds and it is very easy to lose count. Carrying anything to keep count such as a 7 bead string or digital counter can be cumbersome and easy to drop in the crowds. So here is a very easy-to-make substitute. A ring-band made of elastic which you start by wearing on your thumb and moving it to the index finger on the completion of the 1st round. When you reach your pinkie, (on the completion of 4th round, just bring it back in the reverse direction, so by completion of 6th round it will be on your middle finger.(You have the option of moving it to the index finger after the 7th round or just leaving it there because now you are finished! ) 10:21 PM (3 minutes ago) Same thing with saee, the walking between Safa and Marwa ,----------

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