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PUNCH! The app that you can release you frustrations and PUNCH

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PUNCH is a place that you use as an outlet for all the things that are just pissing you off lately or something you want to confess that is eating you up inside. The people you would love to PUNCH out but never do. Like journaling but under an Alias user name so that you can get this rage or secrets out but they will never know that you PUNCHed them but you and other users who are complaining, getting pissed off at the same things you are. They suddenly you feel like not alone in this game of life. There will be spaces for comment an advice... And a selection of fists to illustrate when you PUNCH someone. A healthy way to release you're inner frustrations without getting PUNCHed back. Created by Kelli Nichols

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This app provides a space to vent, complain, admit secrets that are tormenting you, cuss your friends, coworkers, bosses, annoying family stuff. Its like your online diary/journal. Although you create an alias user name so no one will ever know who it is that is bashing their girlfriend/boyfriend , husband /wife or just getting out there what is just pissing you off lately. Venting is healthy. But doing it this way won't get you PUNCHED back. Space for comments or advice may apply. But getting that crap out and seeing that so many other people want to PUNCH someone several times a day will make life easier to deal with.

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