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Fixing Customer Support

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With VOLTE, voice and data can share the same channel and enable new paradigm of rich use interaction for customer support. The idea is to develop a dialer that would offer a rich interface (potentially HTML-based) that would allow for identification and authentication of the customer during a customer support session. The app would store credentials on device and ask for permission from the use to share the credentials with the automated PBX asking for credentials for authentication purposes. This would drastically improve the customer support experience because of faster service. Another option would be for the PBX to ask for the online credentials of the user. As such, the PBX can verify the identity of the voice customer by just typing their regular username and password in a secure html interface. As such, the customer no longer needs to speak their credentials on the phone. The integration of a rich UI (potentially HTML-based) into a voice call can further improve the customer support experience by making it easy to move the customer support session across customer support agent without the need to re-authentify which is frustrating for the customer. Moreover, additional improvements can be obtained by offering a UI-based phone tree navigation. As such, the user can see the options at a glance and pick an option easily without the need to remember which number to enter or to speak a voice command. Finally, such UI would provide a rich interface to make selection between options. For example, an airline agent making a reservation would offer three itineraries to the customer and push these to the rich UI on the customer mobile phone making it much easier to review the options and select one. Technically, this can be made possible assuming that the customer handset supports VOLTE and that the VOLTE session is maintained all-the-way through the customer support system (including PBX).

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