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Augmented Reality Product Viewing

Category: Utilities | 
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This app takes augmented reality with 3D products or it can just be a 3D product viewer. Basically the scenario plays out like this, you get your phone and you're shopping for a for new laptop but you don't want to go to bestbuy to see it in action. Using the camera and the gyroscope, you can use the phone as a window to viewing your product. As you pull the phone away you see the product further away but as you pull the phone closer to the 3D object you can see all the details of the product, you can reposition the phone to see the HDMI inputs, and the keyboard. Then you wonder where the USB 3.0 ports are, so you pan to the right a bit and see its on the right side. This app can be an API or license of some sort to allow any major product manufacturer or shopping site to use it to allow the customers to see the product in a augmented space.

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Comments & Suggestions

  • Anonymous on May. 05, 2015

    This already exists, you just have to load up your custom 3d model. The issue is with complexity of the model because a device like a laptop would consist of a few million polygons that have to be rendered in real time while keeping track of the tracker.

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