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Pokemon: Man's New Best Friend

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Do you want to adopt a pet, but don't because you're afraid you might totally neglect a living being? Do you love Pokemon? How about someone, or some people, with experience with app-making and Pokemon develops an app where we can raise our favorite Pokemon without being a 12 year old boy or girl travelling random regions and catching them all. This is an app where you get to care for your new best friend, take it with you wherever you take your phone (everywhere), level it up, maybe have an option for multi-player battles, and hopefully someday connect your Pokemon from this app to whatever Nintendo has on the market. This idea comes from the frustration of not being able to be closer to the Pokemon in the game. You lose the intimacy of raising your actual favorite Pokemon. The task of the actual game is to beat the League, or whatever boss, not to see your Pokemon become what we would call as a new best friend. Thanks for listening.

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  • Jack Foster
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