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we APPS. A revolutionary change to the app industry

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A vision of a potential multi-million organisation. home page, feel and layout. The first 2 apps needing to be developed is weCHATwithfriends and weDRAWwithfriends. Both of these apps are currently in development process. weCHAT would be a simple anonymous chat app allowing users to simply login and chat to whoever anonymously. There will also be a thumbs up and down button on the screen, which once activated will either make the user who they are interacting with, green or red depending on which icon you pressed. This will hopefully then allow for a code which hopefully will be able to link individuals with similar friends to be able to find each other. Which makes this app from other anonymous social networks is how actually anonymous it is and how you do need an account to talk to people causing more awareness of misconduct. We will then look into adding a translator which will able 2 users with a knowledge in 2 completely different languages to interact. I have already developed a few concepts for these but I believe with the right team WE could achieve a revolution to the online industry. You will also be able to use the same login after you create your first WE login which will then be accessible across all products (weCHAT, weEAT, weHELP). With the right developer/s, I have a vision of a rotatable earth icon which will allow users to rotate around the earth and select which continent and country in which they would like to search in. Once WE have generated the right amount of revenue we may look into including ads. At $0.99 users will be able to purchase weBLOCK which will then block ads from all WE apps. I also have 20+ more app ideas for this business. With the right skills I'll be willing to offer business equity % for the person/people. If anyone is interested please email me [email protected]

Interested Team Members

  • Yevhenii Hladkevych
    App Developer
  • Kushal Khadka
    App Developer
  • Manjunath Anvekar
    App Developer
  • Jack Foster
    United States
    App Developer
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  • Ram Niwas on Jan. 18, 2017

    Dear, sir, Plz help a new app create my mob no. 8059671137

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