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Cram Addict (A game of schools)

Category: Education | 
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I teach middle school and my students LOVE to play games on their phones. I have an idea for an app that would allow teachers from the entire school (eventually schools all over the US) to add their own content to an app that students could play against their peers. It is would be a trivia game and here is how it would work. Each school would sign up for an account and add teachers. The teachers would be separated by grade level. For example: My middle school would have a 7th and 8th grade level and then by content area. Teachers would add content (an entire school year of content if they wanted) in the form of multiple choice questions that could include pictures if necessary. Once the content was added by all teachers, students would download the app and register to play in their school. Students would find their state, find their school, choose their grade level. Once they did this during registration, they should automatically be sent their every time and not have to choose it again unless they log out or change selections in settings. Students would then choose an opponent (another registered student from their school). The game would have a random selector type apparatus such as a spinning wheel or dice with content names, something that would randomly select a content area (science, math, social studies, writing, reading, art, music, health, etc.). The student would be posed a question to answer. If they selected the correct answer, they would play again until they missed. Then the opponent would play. After answering 3 questions correctly a student would have a chance to win some type of symbol for each subject (like trivia crack). The student who collects all of the symbols first wins the game. The game would keep record of the number of correctly answered questions and rank students accordingly so that everyone could see. Rankings should change weekly to give other students an opportunity on top.

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