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Cute Calorie Creatures

Category: Health & Fitness | 
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For a lot of people, it's really difficult for them to focus on calorie counting because they simply cannot find the motivation. Counting or not, no one is going to miss that extra cupcake, and there is really no penalty for eating it. No one will suffer if one goes over their calorie count except that person. With Calorie Creatures, though, one would have something to rely on them for the correct calorie intake. One could choose from several cute digital creatures (eg. baby dragon, baby unicorn, baby phoenix, etc.), name it, set a desired end date and calorie intake per day, and then watch as their creature grows depending on their choices. For every fourth of the desired daily intake, the creature will be fed. So for the typical 2000 calorie diet, the creature will be fed every 500 calories. For every 100 calories the owner goes over, however, the creature will be punished in some way, which might take as much as a couple of days to heal. As the days go on, the owner will get to see their precious creature grow and thrive or grow and wither depending on their choices. At their end date, they can view the personified version of their commitment, and they can set it free (and receive the occasional “postcard” telling how they are doing) and choose a new goal with a different pet.

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