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I want to share my idea that could have been integrated to facebook and instagram. Here is my app idea: The name: Match your friends, playing Cupid! A facebook user or an instagram user would match 2 of their friends and upload a photo of the boy to the boy frame (this can be a blue frame) and upload the photo of the girl to to the pink frame. Once this has been posted by this user, the users that have been matched will get a notification. After this post, people who are friends with one of those three persons will able to give them a score between (-5 to +5). The person who have matched these people will also be able to send them a matching quiz (he/she may choose one of the test that are already ready or build the questions special for his/her friends. The matching quiz will include only 5 simple questions such as their favorite movie and most important physicalfeature on the opposite sex. (multipletyp e questions) Each question will worth 20 points if both give the same answers to 5 questions they will have 100. Also people can be volunteer to a girl/boy' profile and after the profile reaches 5 volunteers a survey will be posted and the friends of the user will be able to vote and after a day or two the volunteer who get the highest share of the votes would be congratulated and this will be posted on the girl's and the boy's profile according to their permission to use it. All i want is a 50% share after this app has been developed.

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