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Sketch Games (Interactive Game)

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Sketch games would allow users to free sketch and design basic maps for others to defeat in record times. You would have the ability to sketch your map and send it to an individual or to all your friends at once for everybody to try! This would allow Sketch Games to be extremely interactive... and addictive! There would be several game types. Each game type has a different style of objective: Game Mode Example: A ball must reach the exit door. The ball and exit door are a part of the game and can be placed wherever you want prior to sketching out your lines or objects to any matter to make it challenging. Users are allowed to create up to 6, 9 or 12 lines of any length, and can be horizontal or vertical. Line quantity depends on the difficulty you've set to challenge your friend. (Easy, Medium, Hard) IMPORTANT: Game creators must defeat their own Sketch Game and it has to be possible before it can be sent forward to friends. The balls directional movement is controlled by tilting your device. Tapping the the ball with your finger will allow it to bounce. The real challenge is getting the ball to the exit and setting a faster score than the creator did for that Sketch Game - right down to milliseconds!

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