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Category: Social Networking | 
34 Vote(s)


Stoner is the ultimate social media for people interested in marijuana. This app is awesome, whether you love to toke or not. Once signed up, users will be able to look through an endless amount of high quality pictures related to marijuana on their WeedFeed (similar to instagram). Users will be able to view pics/vids such as different strains, edibles, joints, blunts, pieces,etc. (There are endless possibilities!!) Stoner will be the ultimate way for people who have a similar interest to connect with one another all over the world. Top stoners (users who get the most likes/comments,etc) will be rewarded and the most popular pictures across the world will be posted and seen by the entire stoner community. We have so many more great features/ideas here at stoner and we're just getting started.

Interested Team Members

  • Sean Bates
    United States
    App User
  • Mauro Gutierrez
    United States
    App Developer
  • Liam Doyle
    United Kingdom
    App Developer
  • Jack Foster
    United States
    App Developer
  • Sharmodeep Sarkar
    App User
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Comments & Suggestions

  • Anonymous on Apr. 12, 2016

    Already on the market: https://massroots.com/

  • Mauro Gutierrez on Mar. 28, 2016

    Hit me up, I'm interested I definitely want be part of the project and help you to develop, to perfection, and to create the app I have a great team and more ideas to implement on this project.

  • Franco Falaschi on Nov. 29, 2015

    Why would people use this app instead of just following stoners on Instagram?

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