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Chocobo Stable (Final Fantasy)

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Start with a general baby yellow Chocobo, low stats. This is your pet. You have to raise it, it should take a little while. How you treat the bird will affect it's stats when it reaches puberty. After it reaches a certain age, you should be able to race it (improve it stats slightly as it gained rank) and breed it (with another players/CPU's mare). Your building origionally has two stables (one mature bird and it's offspring) Winning championships will enable you to add extra stables as your prestige advances. I was thinking about a limit to the number of stables, but I'm unsure. Anyway, just like in Final Fantasy, if your bird and mate are right enough (we can throw in other factors whether or not the birds actually like each other) you can have colored chocobo's (Red, Blue, Green, Black, and of course the mythical Gold). Each color bird excels in an area (Gold = uber stats). This could work well as a community type games, some players may choose to sell greens more than race birds, some players might simply use their birds for mating to make money for whatever purchases they want. To make it easier to raise the chocobo we might be able to encorporate a widget so you can feed or mate your bird without actually launching the game proper. It's still very raw, just a game I think I'd like to play that others, even non-rpg fans would because lets be honest, chocobo's have cross over appeal. And if we cant use them due to licensing we could simply change the name of the bird or turn it into horses or what have you. Simple fact is I have no way to actually develop the game, so thats why I'm here.

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  • Jack Foster
    United States
    App Developer
  • Shakthi Prashanth
    App Developer
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  • 2016 on Jan. 11, 2016


  • Anonymous on Feb. 28, 2014

    what fun!

  • Anonymous on Nov. 21, 2013

    What device this game for?

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