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Touch Typewriter

Category: Productivity | 
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The picture shows the sketch of the UI design which has been published in my book My Computer & I published by Academic Press Corporation. It was designed basing on the theory of Human-computer intaration. The sketch describes the UI of the app. I have two plans for the app: A. A simple typewriter. 1.Target User: *Those who dislike typing with keyboards; *Those who have to type to take notes outdoors or under some special occasions with tablet computers; *Those who miss the old typewriters; *Others who like it. 2. Usage: *To edit simple texts (like notepad) 3.Advantages *Being designed basing on human-computer interaction, it will supply the best, the most comfortable and unprecedented experience of typing with touch screen; *It doesn't need any networking or word stock, so it occupies much less resources (unlike other input methods, typing words with associating inputing); *It has the most features of physical keyboard, so it's the best replacement of physical keyboard and the development trend of typing with touch screen. The other necessary elements have to be added to accomplish the keys of the typewriter. B. An input method. This is almost the same with plan A, and user will be able to use it to input in any applications. Plan A is for iOS, while plan B is for Android since the restrction of iOS. It will be a great app.

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  • mitch on Dec. 02, 2014


    Have you heard of www.sparkideas.co ? You can post your idea and hire developers willing to work for EQUITY, you pay no money, simply sign a Non disclosure and Statement of Work and I will work for a % equity in the app.
    I am a app developer interested in working on this idea and teaming up with you.

    Make sure you post in depth and include maybe some drawings or wireframes


    Sign up and post the idea and I will keep an eye out for it and submit my bid to work bringing it to life for equity.

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