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Category: Utilities | 
88 Vote(s)


A GPS enabled app that will either send an sms or an in-app notice/alert indicating that the user/traveller has reached his/her destination safely. Useful particularly for single women who travel alone in cabs in cities at night. A parent/relative would be the preset reciepient to receive the alert. SOS/panic function can also be included just in case of an emergency. Additionaly, location of reporting can also be included in the alert.

Interested Team Members

  • tori kaddu
    App Developer
  • Jonathan Miranda
    United States
    App Developer
  • Reza Banimahd
    App Developer
  • Ikeh Henry
    App Developer
  • Ayush Kumar
    App Developer
  • Sinduran Sivarajan
    United Kingdom
    App Developer
  • Yuwaan Pandey
    App User
  • Iri Ant
    United Kingdom
    App Developer
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Comments & Suggestions

  • Anonymous on Sep. 06, 2017

    This app is already done...



  • jonathan adams on Jul. 12, 2016

    this app automatically sends sms with the users location to a list of predifined contacts it does what you say but has even more cool features https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.idots2016.idots

  • Chris on Aug. 20, 2015

    App already available.


  • Punit Belani on Jun. 11, 2015

    Here is the app, fulfill all location sharing need.


  • Anonymous on Apr. 05, 2015

    Place SMS - an app that let you auto send SMS to chosen recipients when enter or leave a selected location.
    here is the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pk.placesms

  • Pekka Harjam√§ki on Jan. 02, 2015


    Here's my app that kinda does the required things. Although the app alerts via email if the user hasn't arrived in time to preset destination (and users gets toast notification 5 minutes before email alert triggers).

  • Rafael Vieira on Dec. 17, 2014

    hi here is the app


  • Anonymous on Nov. 14, 2014

    Going to do it for my Final Year Project. Let's see where it leads me to :P ;)

  • Anonymous on Jun. 15, 2014

    nice idea

  • KRIZTE on Apr. 15, 2014

    There is already an app like this for android devices.


  • Anonymous on Feb. 28, 2014

    great idea! I know that my mom would love it my sister and I had this app...we always forget to text her and she worries about us all the time

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