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Note List Reminders with Pictures

Category: Productivity | 
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An app that lets you take notes and attach checklist items to the notes. Each checklist item in a note has a "checkbox" which can be checked off when complete. an item can be text, picture, other attachments. Also lets you set reminders for notes which shows up in a calendar. -can share notes lists User flow: -Nancy wants to create a grocery list for her husband to pick up. She creates a new Note List. She adds apples, bananas, and then takes a picture of a box of hair color that she usually uses so that he picks the right one this time!Sends him the list. -Sam wants to set a note list for his next oil change in his car. He adds a note list and adds in a couple of checklist items to ask his technician to change the filter and check tire pressure then sets the reminder in the calendar.After the service is done he takes a picture of the receipt and adds it to the note. so that he will remember when he last changed his oil and filters. Just a couple of scenarios! Hope that explains it :)

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