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Snoop - Question and Answer App

Category: Social Networking | 
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Snoop. A social app that allows you to write and ask a question to your friend and they can only reply with an answer via a picture or a 10 second video clip. The app will have various features such as; a specific maximum characters for the question. The option to ask a question to your friend anonymously so they won't know who asked them. Also, there would be a section on the app which allows you to see your friends latest answers and the option to also check all their previous answers too. I have thought of this app to allow users to rather than ask a question and receive an answer by text they would get it by a picture or video clip which I have seen to be the trend going on with social apps like Snapchat, Instagram and more. It is very helpful for celebrities, youtubers and other role models to be able to get in touch with their fans that want to ask a question. You could it's like Periscope of some sort but it'll allow you to ask questions easier rather than in the comments like in the PS app where many people will be talking. Snoop - "investigate or look around furtively in an attempt to find out something, especially information about someone's private affairs." I chose this name because the social app is basically allowing you to find out something about someone else's (friend or family member) private affairs. I want to know everyone's opinion on this app idea and the advantages and disadvantages of it too. I am also looking for someone to help me out with this app idea. Also, I do already have a mock-up designs of how the app will potentially work and function.

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