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Learning Logger: Reflect on your thinking about your thinking

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Learners: How do you learn best? Do you notice when something doesn’t make sense? Do you make plans to solve problems? If so, you already think about your thinking (called metacognition). You can become an even better learner by practicing thinking about your thinking. It will make it easier for you learn new things. You could use this app to reflect on your thinking, and thus take charge of your learning, and learn more effectively. Teachers: Metacognitive skills are important. Learning Logger would provide support for learners to reflect digitally using text, illustrations, graphic organizers or multimedia. Since the entries are digital, they can be easily searched and sorted. The entries could be sorted chronologically, by strategy, or by assignment across learners. With additional optional tags, reflection entries could be further categorized by subject (content area), by type of entry (when it occurred in the lesson – before, during, or after content instruction), by type of prompt (think back, think forward, think inward, think outward), by planning phase (what?, so what?, now what?) or even by learner or teacher custom categories. You and your learners are only limited by time and imagination. Besides, you could hyperlink to and from any reflection entry. Thus, reflections can be connected to learner digital portfolios, blog discussions, or classroom websites. The possibilities are infinite. As a teacher, you can provide hints to learners to coach them on their thinking. You also can provide feedback to learners on their reflections. With appropriate security, your learners can also provide hints, coaching and feedback to their peers and parents can provide encouragement to their child. The app will also include a bank of resources to make instruction in metacognitive development even easier.

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