Repeto List - Supermarket planner for repetitive grocery shopping
Device: iPhone Category: Utilities Price: $2.99 Released On: May. 11, 2015

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Repeto List - Supermarket planner for repetitive grocery shopping

Device: iPhone Released On: May. 11, 2015
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---Quick Update---

Repeto List app has been submitted to the AppStore and it is available for the download NOW! :-)


This application is an awesome planner for your recurring supermarket grocery shopping.
Start using this app by creating a list of your everyday items, which you replenish on a repetitive basis. Once you’ve added things like milk, tomato, sausage, cheese, sugar, eggs, flour, etc. to the list the best way to keep a track of the goods you have “in stock” or are “out of stock” is by simply using the left-right swipe gesture. It will mark the state of an item clearly. When you go to the supermarket and at a touch of a single button it will reorganize your list to only display groceries required; then you swipe in the opposite direction as you place the goods into the shopping cart, until the following week.
This way you can keep an eye on what needs replenishing on a week to week or month to month basis at home. To share the grocery shopping responsibilities between your partner, your kids, flatmates etc… lists can be synchronized between multiple devices.

* Intuitive Interface *
There is no need to learn how to use Repeto List. Our team spends enormous amounts of time, so you don't have to. Whole user interface has been designed with usability and simplicity in mind making Repeto List’s interface extremely intuitive.

* Beautiful Design *
Repeto List is not only useful, but equally pleasant to use. We strongly believe every mobile application should be beautiful and eye-pleasing easy on the eye. Our app looks equally great on high resolution screens as well as on older smartphones. You just have to see it to believe it!

* Reusable Content *
Most of our regular household shopping contains a set of the same groceries. Create your list once and then mark the items are as surplus with the simple swipe gesture. Once purchased – swipe again to unmark them. It’s as easy as that!

* For iOS *
We are currently working very hard building a revolutionary shopping list application for your iPhone. Long hours go have gone into the design process and development, but you may can expect the final product to be available for the download this summer!

* For The Colorful *
The world around you is full of interesting colors. Why shouldn’t your mobile application follow the suit? Repeto List will be available in 6 beautiful and eye-catching colors revealing your personality, your aesthetic senses or simply matching your device. All color themes have been built right into it, at no extra cost to you the customer.
- Teflon Grey
- Popcorn White
- Lettuce Green
- Fresh Aqua Blue
- Watermelon Red
- Banana Yellow

Visit to find out more!  



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