Tapped Out  Tap it to become a tap legend
Device: Android Category: Game Price: Free Exp. Release Date: Oct. 23, 2017 Previous App: Tasty Tiles

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Tapped Out Tap it to become a tap legend

Device: Android Exp. Release Date: Oct. 23, 2017


A challenging arcade tapper game and a super duper great time killer game for everyone. With its user friendly gui, easy game play and being a very fun and addicting game, this game will give you a blast of excitement and fun experience. In this tap mania game, it will reborn a tap legend tapper in you.

Tap well and avoid being tapped out when tapping a wrong tile.

There will be tiles that will be dashing around, Tap it and avoid a specific tile to avoid seeing the game over. This addicting, arcade and great time killer game will make you want to tap it more.

Become an ultimate tapper and aim to be on the top of the leader board to become a tap legend.

Train your mind and fingers to be the best tapper and blast your way to the top of the leader board to reborn a tap legend.

Tapped Out: Tap it to become a tap legend game features:

1. This tap mania game has offline leaderboard that updates automatically.
2. You can buy and change the themes of the game to reborn a new user experience in you.
3. You can watch a video or use your coins to buy an extra life.
3. A rare free coins(big amounts) that you woudn't want to miss.
4. Free coins again for you if you will be ranked as 1st in the leaderboard.
5. Download now to discover other features.

How to play:

- TAP all the candy tiles except for the tiles that have the same color/object from the big tile.

*The game speed becomes faster and pause will be disabled after you TAP the pause botton five(5) times.

Download now to start your tapper journey to become a tap legend in this tap mania game that is called Tapped Out: Tap it to become a tap legend.  



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