Device: Android Category: Utilities Price: Free Released On: Jul. 03, 2013

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Device: Android Released On: Jul. 03, 2013
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Put artwork and information at your fingertips, or make your Android device truly personal, with Showr. Showr adds pictures to your home screen or lock screen: either picked from your device's Gallery, or downloaded and automatically updated from the Internet.

Showr is now available as a public beta. Try it out and see if you can come up with more uses than this!

Show off your XBOX Live Gamercard or avatar, PSN stats, Planetside 2 character, or another online gaming profile.
Customise your home screen to get exactly the look you want. Use Showrs as custom icons for bookmarks, as stickers, or just as graphical elements to realise your home screen design.
Show your support for your favourite band, sports team, or celebrity: put their logo or photo on your home screen, and make it a link to their website so you can see the latest news.
Add a webcam to your home screen, and look at beautiful landscapes, bustling cities, or your favourite radio DJ's studio.

Turn your home screen into your portfolio. Use thumbnails of your work to link to full-screen images or to videos or interactives on your website.
Show your flair from Stack Overflow or any Stack Exchange site, to keep an eye on your reputation and get quick access to your answers.

Project a professional image with corporate branding or a map of your offices on your home screen.
Keep your most important data where you can see it: show your automated build and test status, or your website's hit counter.
Then remind yourself what it's all for by showing a photo of your kids on another screen.

Showr can download and update photos via HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP, and uses smart updating to reduce battery and network use.

About permissions:
Showr uses “Full network access” and “View network connections” to download the images you tell it to, according to your schedule. It doesn't “phone home” or share your information.
Showr uses “Control Near-Field Communication” (if your phone is capable) so you can scan an NFC tag when setting up a widget. It doesn't use NFC at any other time.
Showr uses “Google Play billing service” to let you support its development by upgrading to Showr Pro in-app.
If you want to know more, just ask us at

Image credits:
The screenshot shows
? Detail of
? Stack Overflow “flair”
? Mathew Street webcam courtesy of Live webcams on the world famous Mathew Street in Liverpool, UK - Birthplace of the Beatles.
? Planetside 2 stats from
? ‘Brown bear cub in river’ © Carl Chapman, CC-BY-2.0  


Recent Beta Testers

  • Emina Zahirovic
    App Developer