Pikachu Max Star
Device: Android Category: Game Price: Free Exp. Release Date: Dec. 26, 2016

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Pikachu Max Star

Device: Android Exp. Release Date: Dec. 26, 2016


Pikachu - Max Star
"Very vey fun and hard challenging..."
"So hard to go level 50!"
"... I like it!"
How to play?
- Your goal is to connect identical cards within 3 lines to get rid of these pokemon cards.
- Pass the level!!!
What\\\'s new?
- New animation base on above 90 Pokemon items
- Attack Time mode: running with time!
- Reward bonus time when you connect right and "minus" time if you wrong...
- Above 500 level with hours of fun challenges.
You will love it!
Download the FREE game now and remember time to prove that you are good at it!
I\\\'m waiting for you... the WINNER!
V?i giao di?n là 90 item pokemon cách tân ???c ??u t? thi?t k? sáng t?o game có hi?u ?ng ??p âm thanh s?ng ??ng vòng ch?i h?p d?n.
Pikachu Max Star là m?t game pikachu classic c? ?i?n mang phong cách hi?n ??i m?t game pokemon tìm hình mà b?n không th? b? qua!
C?p nh?t tính n?ng m?i: TOP 15 ONLINE - ?ua top online v?i b?n bè TH? GI?I!
Hãy tham gia vào Pikachu Max Star ?? t?n h??ng nh?ng phút giây gi?i stress th?t thú v?.
KHÔNG SMS qu?ng cáo ch? nh?m m?c ?ích duy trì game trên store.
Vui lòng ?? l?i l?i nh?n n?u b?n c?m th?y ?i?m ??t qu?ng cáo trong game không phù h?p ho?c gây khó ch?u cho b?n.
-- Product from Max Star Group --  



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