Device: Android Category: Utilities Price: Free Exp. Release Date: Oct. 02, 2017

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Device: Android Exp. Release Date: Oct. 02, 2017


Keepers is an innovate solution that detects and combats cyberbullying. The rise of social media has changed the way children interact with the world, both for better and worse. While it has created a more interconnected and culturally aware community, it has also produced a platform conducive to spreading hate. As a result, cyberbullying has emerged as a huge problem, effecting kids all across the globe. Through the use of artificial intelligence, Keepers tracks all social media and messaging platforms, identifying words associated with bullying and/or suspicious behavior. Not only will this application track the child's suspicious messages, but alert parents in real-time. Keepers will only indicate the malicious messages to parents, respecting the child's privacy. Keepers also incorporates features such as GPS location tracker, battery monitoring, and time usage to ensure the optimal safety of the child.  



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Hanan Lipskin: The idea behind the Keepers is to help parents monitor and detect possible cyber-bullying, pedophilia, sexual exploitation, and other problems concerning children in cyberspace. Keepers goal is to close the technological gap between parents and their children. We do this by monitoring a child’s device and alerting the parent in the event of a problematic message. I have experience as a Cisco Android developer and in developing applications for local businesses as a freelancer, e.g. Jerusalem Radio 101FM, Beitar Jerusalem FC, and more. My first business was a popular and widely distributed student newspaper called La-Student. I graduated from the Software Engineering Department in JCE Azrieli College in Jerusalem. I am a passionate out-of-the-box thinker and an enthusiastic entrepreneur. I am a team-player, creative and practical at the same time. My hobbies include my side job as a radio DJ broadcasting a weekly show on Jerusalem Radio 101FM.

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