Fairket - App Rental Market
Device: Android Category: Utilities Price: Free Exp. Release Date: Dec. 15, 2016

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Fairket - App Rental Market

Device: Android Exp. Release Date: Dec. 15, 2016


1) What is Fairket?

Fairket is an App Rental Market, available on Google Play Store.

On Fairket, consumers discover rentable apps on Google Play Store and rent them to enable premium experience (i.e. no ads, full version).

All rental charges are strictly based on actual usage and deducted from a Fairket credit balance. Apptime (i.e. on device, on screen time) is the rentable unit that gets charged, pro-rated on a per minute basis. Consumers pay by topping it up using Google In-App Purchase.

Top app categories are kids apps, gaming apps, education apps and utility apps. More categories of apps will be available soon.

2) Why Fairket?

Unlike direct purchase or recurring subscription or in-app purchase on Google Play Store to enable premium experience on an app, Fairket offers:

a) Per minute billing of actual apptime. No hidden or recurring charges.
b) Unique 'Rent To Buy' model called 'FairBuy'. Own an app after sustained rental usage.
c) Utilize full premium trial of rented apps. Make informed decision to rent or not.
d) Utilize promotional sign on bonus. Start renting, before paying.
e) Topup once, rent any app. Make every cent count.
f) Know Your Spends. Time and money.
g) Kids safe. No unsafe ads or accidental buys.
h) Pocket safe. Credit balance is implicit budget limit.

3) How does it work?

a) Developers launch their apps on Fairket App Rental Market at a rental price point of their choice.
b) Consumers discover Fairket rentable apps from Fairket app (or vice versa).
c) Consumers subscribe to trial or rental plan and enable premium experience on the rented app.
d) Fairket tracks actual usage and charges the consumer from their Fairket credit balance.
e) If balance is low or zero, Fairket will lock the rented app and ask the consumer to "top up" the balance.
f) Consumer tops up the Fairket credit balance using the safe and secure Google In-App Purchase, on the Fairket app.

* Top up denominations start as low as $0.99 (or equivalent in your currency).

* Sign on promotion! When you sign up with Fairket, we leave a little bonus in your Fairket credit balance as sign on promotion. With that, you can start renting even before you start paying.

So what are you waiting for?!!!

4) How do I start?

Once you download and install the Fairket app:

* Sign in using your Google+ account (other types of logins are coming soon ...).
* Tap on 'Shop Apps', to view rentable apps.
* Tap on 'Install', to install right from Google Play Store itself.
* Tap on 'Plans' to view list of rental plans and make a choice.
* Tap on 'Open' to start enjoying premium experience of the rented app.
* Tap on 'My Balance', to view or topup your balance.
* Tap on 'My Usage', to keep a tab on where you are spending your time and money.

5) Where is my favorite app?

If you love this rental market, but your favorite app is missing in the Fairket App Rental Market, then here is something we request you to help with.

a) Please leave a comment in the comments section, mentioning which app you want to see on board.
b) Please leave a comment in the comments section of your favorite app, mentioning you want to see that app on Fairket App Rental Market.

We will work with the developer to bring your favorite app on Fairket App Rental Market at the earliest.

6) Something is still missing or have a support issue?

Please write to us at care@fairket.com or send feedback from the Fairket app itself.

7) Coming soon:
- Login based on email, etc.
- Continuous stream of rentable apps added to the rental market.
- Ask us for more by leaving a comment.  



Building an App Rental Market


Recent Beta Testers

  • Wagner Amado
    App User
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    App Developer