Device: Android Category: Productivity Price: Free Exp. Release Date: Jan. 01, 2017 Previous App: AadiShakti

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Device: Android Exp. Release Date: Jan. 01, 2017


Stay connected with your near ones, even when you can't take phone calls using AutoRevert app.
When you are busy in some activity or you can't take your phone calls, you can stay connected with "Close Contacts" (contacts for which you care about most). This app sends a pre-filled message (AutoRevert Message) and your location information (if you want) through SMS to calling person.
Get Started Steps:
1. Add Close Contacts (contacts with which you want to be in touch).
2. Update Status when busy and you are ready to go.
1. Add "My Places" in Google Maps like tag your home, office, market, club etc.
2. Configure the app via Settings Screen as shown in snapshots.
3. Customize Status and Location Setting for each Close Contact.
Please Refer snapshots and help inside app.
Suppose you are going to be busy for couple of hours in meeting, going to attend PTM in your child's school , going out for a drive, busy with family, out for a dinner or any situation where you don't want to attend phone calls, you can change your AutoRevert Status and thus it will be communicated to anyone from your closed contacts who calls after that. You can also speak out your status using Google Voice Recognizer capability.
You can tag locations important to you in "My Places" via Google Maps. After adding these locations, this app will automatically detect your location and match it against the list of tagged places under "My Places" and will send that information along with AutoRevert message to the calling person( your 'Close Contact'). Again this information is sent only if you wish to share your location with that person. This app will provide log for each AutoRevert message sent and received via this app for later use.
AutoRevert allows you to customize message and location details for each contact you mark as "Close Contact".
List of all the features is given below:
1. Update Status message for AutoReverting the missed calls.
2. Mark Contacts as Close Contacts or remove them.(add, remove , update message)
3. Tag locations into "My Places" via Google Map. (Add , edit or delete)
4. Update Status through Voice Recognizer (Speech to Text)
5. Easy to use home-screen widget for quickly updating the status.
So, what are you waiting for? Download this app now, Automate your communication and Enjoy!

If you are looking for an app or way to automate your communication with your near ones when you are not in a position to take calls, then this is a perfect app for you and your friends.
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Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. If you have any problem while using the app, then please feel free to mail me at or  



I am a software developer and aspiring entrepreneur. I am interested in solving general problems with help of my skills. I beleive in possibilities. Currently I am working on Android Application Development. I'll like to program IoT, Machine Learning, Programming All sorts of Gadgets, Artificial Intelligence and Game Development in future. Steve Jobs is my idol because he had strong belief in himself and his intuitions. I want to become a pioneer in technology like him.

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