aConverter - A Unit Converter
Device: Android Category: Productivity Price: Free Released On: Jan. 08, 2015 Previous App: Freelance Projects

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aConverter - A Unit Converter

Device: Android Released On: Jan. 08, 2015
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aConverter application, is an elegant unit converter, which convert units concurrently on an extended range of unit groups from lengths conversions to electric conversion, and also includes unit systems from present days SI, metric, imperial, US customary units to ancient biblical conversions.
aConverter app designed and developed to provide you a unique experience in unit conversions.

General Features
aConverter application was developed with a lot of thoughts, imbibed with user needs features. Some of the features includes:
? Concurrent Conversion
?Concurrent conversions of all related units
?Optimistic application size. App size of less than 2.5 MB, and database of less than 250 kB.
? Currency Conversions
?120 country updated currency conversion with country flag displays
?Up-to-date currency data
? Unit Collections
?1600+ units
?80+ unit groups
?50+ unit systems
?Categorization of Unit system for each Unit, for better clarity
?Filter Unit Depths based on usage requirements
?Favorite a unit group for easy retrieval
?Search a unit / unit group, for easy access.
? Application User Interface
?Based on minimalist "Thumb Reach" design
?Watch a Specific Unit with a Highlighted design
?Swipe to hide a Specific Unit
?Multiple number system display. (US / European / Indian)
?Special design for left Hand users
?Specialized Interface for Landscape View
?Simple information for Unit Groups
?Less Intruding Ad display
?Intelligent User Interactions
?Copy the result values, with a single click
?Swipe a Unit to hide, permanently or temporarily
? Widgets
?Calculator Widget – black theme
?Converter Widget – black theme
? Effective Keyboard Interface
?Extended generic use keys
?Dual Mode Keyboard Interface for maximising units display
? Pleasing Colorful Themes
?5 attractive themes (Pearl White, Magnetic Black, Gradient Blue, Semantic Grey, Lighting Green)
?Easy Switching
? Unit Systems
?International System of Units (SI)
?Metric system of measurement
?Imperial system of measurement and
?US system of measurement
?English units of measurement
?Much more systems of more than 50+ systems
And much more features to add up in the coming days.

aConverter app requires following permissions
Full Internet Access
The aConverter app requires internet access in order to load information for updating currency data, for connecting social network login, and update the user database.
View Network State
Because the aConverter app requires access to a network, it needs to know whether you currently have network access. If network access is not available, it will notify you.
Write External Storage
The aConverter app access external storage for reading / writing the unit conversion database only.

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