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11 Best Rated Enterprise App Development Company Options 2023

Wondering which is the best enterprise app development company for your business needs? Or maybe worried about where to find an appropriate software development company for your enterprise mobile application.

Well, I’ve been there too. And yes, I know just how overwhelming the whole process of searching for an ideal enterprise app development company can be. The web alone offers millions of options across the globe – and they all specialize in different types of enterprise mobile apps.

Tell you what, though. You don’t have to search anymore.

In my job as a mobile app marketer, I’ve had the chance to work closely with a wide range of app developers plus software development companies. And thanks to that, I’ve seen all that goes into enterprise mobile app development across different software platforms – including Android and iOS.

So, here is the thing. To save you all that trouble of searching widely, I’ve used my experience to comb through all the popular mobile app developers and, subsequently, identify the best-rated enterprise app development companies. As such, you might want to tag along as I reveal:

  • The top 11 enterprise software development company options in 2021
  • Where the enterprise app developers are located
  • The type of software development services offered by the companies
  • The app development process they follow
  • Their mobile app development specialties
  • Some of the popular clients they’ve worked with

Please note, however, that mobile app development companies tend to approach things differently.

So, for the sake of clarity, we’ll explore the primary types of enterprise app development companies before embarking on the best-rated service providers.

Types of Enterprise App Development Companies

While you’re bound to find a huge variety of app development companies that specialize in different enterprise mobile apps, they are all classified into four groups based on their service provision structure.

Enterprise mobile app development providers can either be:

  • Freelancers
  • Boutique Agencies
  • Job-Outsourcing Enterprises
  • In-House Enterprises

1. Freelancers

Ok, I admit that freelancers may not be fully-fledged enterprise mobile app development companies per se. Rather, a freelancer, in this case, is basically an individual who happens to offer software development services through one-off contracts.

You can hire one to handle your entire enterprise app development process – from mobile app design and coding to testing and publishing. Or, alternatively, you could contract a separate freelancer for each stage along the enterprise mobile app development pipeline. It all depends on your specific business needs, budget, app development process, and enterprise application goals.

If you ask me, though, I’d tell you that application development freelancers are best reserved for small low-budget projects. This is not exactly what you go for when you have a large, demanding enterprise application job.

2. Boutique Agencies

Boutique development agencies, on the other hand, are small teams of enterprise app developers that offer highly specialized software development services. As such, they are perfectly ideal for custom software projects that require high levels of polishing.

You can, for example, get yourself a boutique agency that specializes in enterprise iOS apps, or perhaps Android apps. The choice is all yours.

3. Job-Outsourcing Enterprises

Just as the name suggests, job-outsourcing enterprises are large software development companies that happen to outsource their mobile application projects to external service providers.

In other words, they don’t hire their own enterprise app developers. Instead, they pass on the mobile application development jobs to freelancers. So, in a way, you could say that they’re more of a project management agency that links you with service providers.

All in all, such enterprise mobile application development companies are generally suitable for budget projects that require a lot of flexibility.

4. In-House Enterprises

In-house enterprises are the opposite of job-outsourcing enterprises. Instead of outsourcing tasks to freelance app developers, they handle all the enterprise mobile app development processes in-house.

That means you can count on them to not only design and code your enterprise mobile applications, but also test them on various mobile devices, as well as publish everything on the intended platforms – such as the Apple App Store plus the Google Play Store.

And as you’ve probably figured out already, this type of enterprise app development company is ideal for demanding, high-budget enterprise mobility projects.

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That Said…

And with that, let’s now go into the 11 best enterprise mobile app development companies in 2020. These are the most outstanding app developers for all types of enterprise mobility projects, in no specific order.

Top 11 Enterprise App Development Companies in 2021

#1: Konstant Infosolutions:

Konstant Infosolutions

Founded in 2003, Konstant Infosolutions is a world-renowned software development company that specializes in a huge variety of web and mobile solutions across different platforms.

The company itself is based in the U.S and India, from where its team of more than 180 app developers comes up with on-demand enterprise solutions for industries such as events and tickets, healthcare and fitness, eCommerce and retail, plus social networking.

Konstant Infosolutions Clientele:

Some of its popular enterprise clients include: Nestle, NASSCOM, TABCO, Food, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, ThomasVille, Scholastic, Project Action Star, RawBank, Volkswagen, Stanley, Citrix, Wonder Cement, and the United Nations.

Konstant Infosolutions Specialties:

Overall, Konstant Infosolutions is exceptionally good in IT consulting, enterprise mobility solutions, cross-platform mobile app development, native app development, CMS development, database programming, e-commerce solutions, UI/UX design solutions, and custom web development.

#2: Willow Tree

Willow Tree

Second on our list of the best-rated enterprise software development companies is Willow Tree, a highly specialized digital solutions provider that has been around since 2008.

From its offices in the U.S, Willow Tree has served all sorts of enterprise clients – from media and entertainment to financial services and e-commerce. They use the company for iOS and Android mobile application development, as well as backend engineering, and Xamarin development.

Willow Tree Clientele:

Some of the prominent clients that Willow Tree has worked with over the years include: General Electric, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Regal Cinemas, Alliant Credit Union, 21st Century Fox, National Geographic, CBC, Synchrony Financial, ABInbev, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, and Fox Sports.

Willow Tree Specialties:

You can count on Willow Tree when it comes to cloud development, mobile commerce development, enterprise application development, mobile web application development, native mobile application development, mobile software design, mobile strategy, plus growth marketing.

#3: Intellectsoft


Intellectsoft is yet another US-based software development company that has made a name for itself in the enterprise application circles for over a decade now. Since 2007, the company has provided full-service custom software and mobile application development to highly demanding enterprise clients.

Make no mistake about it, though. Intellectsoft isn’t made up of mobile app developers alone. You also get to use application designers, strategists, and engineers. Collectively, they leverage some of the latest technologies – such as augmented reality, cloud computing, blockchain, the internet of things, and machine learning – to deliver truly innovative enterprise mobility solutions.

Intellectsoft Clientele:

Some of the most renowned  clients that have hired Intellectsoft for enterprise app development are Guinness, Ernst & Young, Audi, Jaguar, Universal Pictures, Eurostar, and Harley Davidson.

Intellectsoft Specialties:

Intellectsoft is particularly good in custom software development, web development, cybersecurity, application testing, enterprise mobile app development, UX/UI design, IT consulting, product engineering, plus software architecture design and modeling.

#4: Y Media Labs

Y Media Labs

Y Media Labs is the type of enterprise mobile application company you turn to when you want to join the ranks of Paypal and EMC. Yes, that’s right – Y Media Labs is the software development company that designed and created PayPal’s app.

And it’s not just PayPal and EMC. These are just two of the hundreds of powerful brands that Y Media Labs has developed world-class enterprise mobility solutions for.

The company itself has offices in the US and India, from where its team of software designers, architects, engineers, and developers continues to design, create, test, build, and roll out innovative mobile solutions.

Y Media Labs Clientele:

Apart from PayPal and EMC, Y Media Labs has worked with the likes of Staples, North Face, Amex, Facebook, Apple, Disney, L’Oreal, Credit One, dosist, Google, Molekule, Staples, First Republic Bank, Home Depot, HCA, Clover, State farm, and the Universal Music Group.

Y Media Labs Specialties:

Y Media Labs is the go-to software development company when you’re seeking mobile roadmap consulting, consumer app development, enterprise mobile application development, app testing and deployment, mobile quality assurance, mobile user experience design, cross-platform development, product strategy, Android app development, plus iOS app development.

#5: Fueled


For over 13 years now, you could say that Fueled has indeed lived up to its name in the enterprise software solution circles. It has literally managed to fuel agile application development across different platforms – all thanks to the power of data-driven approaches.

Now, to be more specific, Fueled relies heavily on analytics when it comes to enterprise application development. Its mobile app developers take the time to critically assess and understand your business needs, before ultimately creating custom software that solves real problems.

Fueled Clientele:

From its U.S. and U.K. offices, Fueled has developed enterprise software for prominent clients such as Happify, Sunnycomb, Matador, QuizUp, Summit Series, Barneys, Verizon, Crunchbase, Afterlight, Harvard, Rite Aid, 9Gag, and MGM Resorts International.

Fueled Specialties:

All in all, Fueled boasts expertise in chatbots, blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital mobile app marketing, application testing and workflow optimization, data management, marketing automation, consumer product development, UI/UX application design, e-commerce web development, Flutter development, React Native app development, Android app development, iOS app development, as well as enterprise application development.

#6: VironIT


Headquartered in Eastern Europe, VironIT is a well-renowned software development company that has served enterprise clients since 2004. It currently boasts office locations in three countries – the U.S, the U.K, and Belarus – from where its software designers and app developers have completed over 500 projects.

And speaking of which, one thing you’ll love about VironIT is its vast experience in enterprise application development for both SMEs and large companies. Its team of software developers knows its way around technologies like .NET, PHP, Java, and Javascript, among others.

That’s why, as a matter of fact, VironIT continues to create web and mobile applications for all types of industries – particularly hospitality, games, retail, healthcare, banking, education, and sports.

VironIT Clientele:

In VironIT’s client base, you’ll find famous brands like CephX, WaveOrtho, EqviLifeBot, FireNut, WorkshopChat, AnatomyNext, Turkcell, IntelliShopper, Liswin,,, Thumbtack Trelleborg, and

VironIT Specialties:

The company largely focuses on IT consulting, blockchain development, augmented reality and virtual reality application development, web development, game development, ready business solutions, software development, robotic process automation, and mobile app development.

#7: ScienceSoft


Considering it was founded in 1989, ScienceSoft happens to be one of the eldest software development companies around. All this experience has actually paid off, though – as the company has since established itself as a one-stop platform for all types of application development services.

You can, for instance, commission its app developers to create enterprise mobility solutions, web applications, as well as custom software – and that includes iOS and Android mobile apps.

Additionally, ScienceSoft is known to incorporate advanced technologies like computer vision, augmented reality, virtual reality, the internet of things, big data, and machine learning.

ScienceSoft Clientele:

ScienceSoft has been a favorite to popular businesses like Leo Burnett, Baxter, Pointlogic, Koch Media, Visma, Airpas, PerkinElmer, Enonic, Tieto, eBay, M&T bank, Viber, IBM, NASA JPL, T-Mobile, Walmart, Heinz, and Nestle.

ScienceSoft Specialties:

This company is a powerhouse in web portal development, mobile app development, full-cycle software quality assurance, custom software development, information security, collaboration and knowledge management,  enterprise application development, and IT consulting.

#8: Cubix


Started in 2008, Cubix has progressively morphed over the years into an all-inclusive enterprise software development company. It now offers enterprise mobile application development, web development, enterprise portals, and business intelligence.

You basically get to work with various highly-skilled professionals – including mathematicians, engineers, scientists, mobile app developers, artists, and designers. They know just how to combine their efforts to create custom solutions that are aligned with each client’s business needs.

Also, it’s worth noting that Cubix comes with, among other things, a social app building platform, a smart chatbot solution, a blockchain solution, an on-demand delivery solution, a marketplace solution, and a human resource solution.

Cubix Clientele:

Cubix’s clientele includes renowned brands such as Paypal, Quaker, Rayban, White castle, Suzuki, Sony, Canon, Data stream, Artizone, Tissot, Sapient, Dreamworks, Walmart, and Politico.

Cubix Specialties:

You can rely on Cubix when it comes to artificial intelligence solutions, business intelligence and big data development, web application development, custom software development, mobile game development, and mobile application development.

#9: Dom & Tom

Dom & Tom

Don’t let the unconventional name fool you. Dom & Tom is no ordinary solutions provider. Rather, it’s actually an award-winning application development and product company that serves Fortune 500 brands and next-generation startups. This is basically where you come when you need a little more than just enterprise mobile app development.

And what does that mean?

Well, you see, while Dom & Tom is exceptionally great with Android, iOS, React, and mobile backend application development, it doesn’t stop there. Once you launch the app in your target market, Dom and Tom follow it up with system evaluation, as well as monthly maintenance, security, analytics, setup and hosting, plus performance reports. All these are intended to support the growth of your business after mobile application development.

As such, you can think of Dom and Tom as long-term enterprise application development and business growth partner.

Dom & Tom Clientele:

Some of the big names that have tried out Dom & Tom include: The Emmys, AmeriLife, ideel, Bonobos, Citibank, AIG, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Tyson Foods Inc, Saban Brands, Turner, Bloomberg, Good Housekeeping, University of Oklahoma, NBA, Samsung 837, General Electric, Fitch Ratings,, Tyson, McDonald’s, Hearst, and CNN.

Dom & Tom Specialties:

Overall, Dom & Tom is an expert in user experience design, mobile app development, web development, product design, DevOps and hosting, chatbot development, enterprise mobility, augmented reality application development, blockchain development, backend development, frontend development, Android app development, iOS app development, growth planning, monthly app maintenance, product journey mapping, and prototyping.

#10: Appinventiv


If you’d prefer trying out a new but fast-rising enterprise app development company, then I’d strongly recommend Appinventiv.

It’s not much of a newcomer, though. Appinventiv has actually been around since 2015, in which time it has managed to deliver more than 1,000 mobile apps across various industries. So, you can rest assured its mobile app developers are vastly experienced – especially when it comes to education, social networking, healthcare, finance, and transport applications.

Another thing this global company is known for is agile application development. But, that’s not all. As it turns out, Appinventiv happens to offer more or less the same range of post-development extras as Dom & Tom.

Yes – that means it’ll support your enterprise application after you’ve launched and possibly published it in the App Store. In essence, Appinventiv will take care of not only your mobile app marketing but also system monitoring and optimization. Even the slightest crashes are flagged up, reviewed, and ultimately resolved.

I guess that’s how the company has been able to drive hundreds of millions of mobile app downloads in just five years.

Appinventiv Clientele:

Appinventiv has powered well-known brands such as MutelCor, Soniphi, Health-ePeople, SuperShe, Bada Business, Dominos, and JobGet.

Appinventiv Specialties:

All in all, the company principally focuses on developing the internet of things connections, React native application development, flutter application development, blockchain application development, finance app development, apple tv app development, ibeacon app development, retail app development, enterprise mobility, UI/UX design, iOS app development, Android app development, business analysis, pre-launch app support, and growth hacking.

#11: ValueCoders


Then last but not least, is a software development company that takes a different approach from what we’ve seen with other providers on this list. Instead of handling the app development process internally, ValueCoders provides access to offshore software development freelancers. So, of course, you could call it a job-outsourcing enterprise app development company.

That said, the good thing about ValueCoders is, it doesn’t hire just any random freelance app developer. The company takes its sweet time to pick the best talents in various app development categories and technologies – including enterprise mobile app development.

Come to think of it, I guess that explains why, in 16 years, the team has only grown to a little over 450 developers.

But, don’t get me wrong. 450 is still a relatively huge selection of highly-skilled professionals. What more, their experience cumulatively adds up to more than 2,000 years.

Then get this – ValueCoders doesn’t limit you to individuals. If, for instance, you’re working on a large-scale enterprise mobile application project, you at least get the privilege of hiring teams of up to 25 members.

Now that sounds like a great deal for anyone seeking extensive application development flexibility at a budget.

ValueCoders Clientele:

Some of the popular brands that have chosen ValueCoders for their software development projects include: Trekon, Rina, Tekion, Dubai Police, RiskLogic, Track Opinion, Grundfos, ZenQ, EventDo, Estel, Candor, Novea, Capgemini, and SelectSpecs.

ValueCoders Specialties:

The freelance app developers on ValueCoders are particularly competent in eCommerce development, application modernization, application maintenance, cross-platform app development, mobile app development, web app development, custom app development, IoT connected solutions, artificial intelligence solutions, blockchain development, big data analysis, business intelligence systems, software testing, IT staff augmentation, software product development, plus IT strategy and consulting.

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Key Takeaway Points

Overall, you might want to keep in mind that:

  • Enterprise mobile app development providers can either be: Freelancers, Boutique Agencies, Job-Outsourcing Enterprises, or In-House Enterprises.
  • Application development freelancers are best reserved for small low-budget projects.
  • Boutique agencies are perfectly ideal for custom software projects that require high levels of polishing.
  • Job-outsourcing enterprise mobile application development companies are generally suitable for budget projects that require a lot of flexibility.
  • An in-house enterprise app development company is ideal for demanding, high-budget enterprise mobility projects.
  • Konstant Infosolutions expertise spreads across events and tickets, healthcare and fitness, eCommerce and retail, plus social networking.
  • Willow Tree serves all sorts of enterprise clients – from media and entertainment to financial services and e-commerce.
  • Intellectsoft provides full-service custom software and mobile application development to highly demanding enterprise clients.
  • Y Media Labs designs, creates, tests, builds and rolls out innovative mobile solutions.
  • Fueled uses data-driven approaches to drive agile application development across different platforms.
  • VironIT’s expertise spans the hospitality, games, retail, healthcare, banking, education, and sports industries.
  • ScienceSoft is a one-stop platform for all types of application development services.
  • Cubix is an all-inclusive enterprise software development company – specializing in enterprise mobile application development, web development, enterprise portals, and business intelligence.
  • Dom and Tom is an application development and product management company that goes beyond software development to support the subsequent growth of your business.
  • Appinventiv is a fairly new company that’s famous for agile application development and post-launch support.
  • ValueCoders provides access to high-skilled offshore software development freelancers.

Most importantly, remember that as you develop your enterprise mobile apps, you might want to bring in a seasoned mobile app marketing expert. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll show you just how you can begin rolling out your app marketing strategies ahead of the launch, after which you could then proceed to follow them up post-launch app promotion tactics across digital platforms, print media, and the App Store.


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