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How To Find An App Developer For Your Idea – Common Pitfalls

Here we will present you some common, but important questions that you need to ask yourself when searching for an app or even software developer.

No matter what the idea for your app is, it is essential to avoid some common pitfalls when searching for an app developer.

Your first task is to search literally everywhere. The internet is probably the first place where you will be looking for, as there are hundreds of thousands of app developers that will develop your app for the smallest amount of money (which shouldn’t be your goal).

If there is a university in your vicinity you might even want to visit it and find some potential developers there that can assure you about the quality you are looking for.

Ask people or your friends for the best developer, and meet him in person in order to discuss your idea and for him to present his work.

Again, you can do the same thing online at freelancing sites like Elance or other, but don’t go for the cheapest developer. It is essential for the developer of your choice to appreciate your idea and build on it.

He needs to grasp it wholeheartedly as if it was his own. Furthermore, he needs to have some useful questions that can help you improve your idea.

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When you are presenting your idea for an app to the developer of your choice, always give him context of the idea.

Do a short paragraph and write it with these questions in mind: What is the problem you are trying to solve with the app? How did the idea for the app come up? What is your insight behind the idea? Who are your target customers?

This way you are bound to give the developer a clear picture about it.

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Talk with the developer extensively and let him elaborate his ideas too. Ask him how safe his apps are, or give him example how safe you want your app to be away from hackers.

For example, if your app is to be about payments then find out about common security measures and apply those security measures.

The more details you can provide him, the more precise the developer’s suggestions will be. If he isn’t able to provide feedback you might think twice before hiring him. The more you talk to different app developers, the more you can refine your idea.

If the app developer ducks your questions, for example, about the graphics because let’s say your app should be rich in graphics, then don’t hire him at all. Instead, run away from him fast.

It’s important to find out about his capabilities that you need him to have when developing your app. On top of that, if the developer doesn’t have a website, or his website doesn’t impress you, then…

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Another common pitfall is not checking his previous works. His portfolio can answer you a lot of questions. Try out his previous apps, and if they don’t have the feel that you are looking for in your app, then it is very likely that your app could be a “failure”.

Also, find an app developer that can develop apps for all the popular platforms of today: iOS, Android, Windows etc.

If the app developer can develop only iOS apps and tries to reassure you that only iOS apps monetize, don’t hire him.

If this app developer specializes in iOS apps, which is why he doesn’t develop apps for other platforms, then that is an entirely different matter.

Nevertheless, these are the most common pitfalls that you need to have in mind. Think about them and implement them in your search.

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