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How To Develop A Mobile App 101 (INFOGRAPHIC)

With 1.5 million apps in Google Play store and 1.4 million in Apple’s App Store as of May 2015, you would think that creating an app was as easy as baking a cake. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Developing a mobile app is lots of all-nighters, hundreds of caffeine, and LOTS of hard work. Nonetheless don’t give up. Your app could be next CandyCrush! Because we are experts at optimizing apps, here are some basic tips our PreApps team thought all app developers should know.

How To Develop A Mobile App: Mobile App Development 101 Basics

Getting familiar with the basics for developing apps is your first step. Now take your second step, grab your computer and get started on creating your app today. Follow the above basic guidelines and if you need any help our mobile app marketing services are always here for you! What other app developing basics do you guys think are important?


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Paula Gonzalez
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Paula Gonzalez

Raised between the carribbean hometown of Sofia Vergara and Pitbull’s 305 home #dale, Paula has always lived by the beach. She is a lover of all types of music, excessively fattening foods, and insta-stalking. Paula is a member of Boston College’s Class of 2017, majoring in mathematics and economics. She has an unhealthy addiction for expensive shoes and things that do not come easy.

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